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Stuart Hamm, Peter Fischer and Wolfgang Schmid to Perform at 19th Schorndorfer Gitarrentage

Warwick bass virtuoso Stuart Hamm along with Framus artist Peter Fischer and fellow Warwick artist Wolfgang Schmid will be performing gigs and workshops from May 28th until June 1st at 19th Schorndorfer Gitarrentage in Schorndorf, Germany.

Hamm is world-renowned for his work as solo bassist and the innovative techniques he uses - two-hand tapping, slapping and popping, as well as chords and harmonics. Guitar Player Magazine honoured him as best jazz bassist two years in a row and as best rock bassist three years in a row - and Stu is the only musician so far to earn both awards in the same year!

There are still a few places for the workshops left - you can sign up by clicking here.



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