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Radial Launches Minisite for the Radial SB-7 EarMuff™ Headphone Silencer (1)

Radial Engineering Ltd announces the launch of the StageBug SB-7 EarMuff minisite.

Radial President Peter Janis:

"The Radial websites have long been considered some of the most comprehensive sources of information on our products. The SB-7 EarMuff minisite features the full story on the product from development to everything you need to know about the product we have brought to market."

On the product pages you will find information on: product features, development, tips on using and frequently asked questions.

Each Radial minisite also offers a downloadable user guide and a convenient link for visitors to send in a question about the product if they have a situation specific inquiry. Janis continues: "Our goal is to provide visitors every opportunity to get the answers they need and present some ideas of how to use the products so they can get the most from them..and most importantly, to have fun!"

Head to RadialEng for more.


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