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La Bella Strings Introduces “Low Tension Flexible Flats" Bass Strings

La Bella Strings is taking a new approach to flat wound bass strings. The result is the Low Tension Flexible Flats series. Using the same techniques that have made the Deep Talkin’ Bass strings the best-selling flat wounds on the market, La Bella has adjusted the construction to create a lighter and more flexible alternative to the classic heavier flats.

The Low Tension Flexible Flats deliver the same classic sound but without a floppy-string effect associated with other light tension flat wound strings. These hand-wound and hand-polished strings are equipped with round cores for flexibility and narrower ribbon wire to achieve that unrivaled smooth feeling uniquely characteristic to La Bella Strings.

La Bella’s Low Tension Flexible Flats are now available in 4-String (LTF-4A) and 5-String (LTF-5A) models.

LFT-4A Low Tension Flexible Flats
4-String, .042, .056, .070, .100
Total Tension: 134.9lbs (61.19kg)  

LTF-5A Low Tension Flexible Flats
5-String, .042, .056, .070, .100, .118
Total Tension: 163.2lbs (74.03kg)

As with all La Bella bass sets, all Low Tension Flexible Flat Wound sets are Standard Long Scale, and available in Short, Medium and Extra Long scales.

To purchase a set, please contact a La Bella dealer near you:


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