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Eureka Sound's Baitar and Buitar Models Now Available

EurekaSound LLC announces the release of the Baitar OMB2 and Buitar OMB1. This release represents the second generation of the novel instruments, a combination bass and guitar that plays like a standard 25.5" scale 6-string guitar.

Several updates have been integrated into these second generation instruments based upon user feedback from the first generation models, including:

• Alder wood bodies, finished with a thinner coat of urethane for more wood tone & feel
• A new thinner neck profile
• Redesigned headstock so the strings have a straight pull over the nut
• Optimized pickup configuration for better sound and adjustability
• A new customized bridge
• New 3D printed nut and vertical adjustment mechanism for the pickups

"Our goal is to offer intuitive products that are also original. The Baitar and Buitar certainly fit that model" said David Graham, co-founder of EurekaSound.

"And now with several refinements and a new lower price, more artists will be able experience and enjoy this novel instrument.



More at: EurekaSound LLC




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