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JHS Pedals Announce Panther Cub Delay (1)

JHS Pedals Announce Panther Cub Delay -

JHS Pedals has announced a groundbreaking new effects pedal, the Panther Cub Delay. Two years after the release of the original Panther Analog Delay, the Kansas City based pedal company has taken some of the best features of the Panther and a few improvements and packaged them in an enclosure half the size of the original pedal. The highly anticipated Panther Cub Delay is a warm vintage delay pedal with modern features and the smallest footprint on the market.


  • 1000 Milliseconds of Delay (1 full second)
  • 100% Analog signal path
  • Eight 3208 Bucket Brigade Delay chips
  • Efficient and compact 1590BB size case (4.7"x3.7")
  • 4 Position Ratio control (1/4, 1/8, dotted 1/8, Triplets)
  • Standard 9v DC Negative power
  • Soft-touch Tap Tempo switch
  • Onboard Modulation (speed/depth) that stays accurate even when using Tap Tempo
  • Internal "ROAR" switch for 2 modes of oscillation sensitivity
  • EFX Loop (via TRS splitter) that allows placement of any effect on repeats only
  • Dry Out (via TRS splitter) for stereo field of sound
  • Space saving top-mounted Input/Output jacks
  • True Speed LED (indicates rate of actual delay)
  • Assignable Expression (control Speed, Ratio, Mod Depth, Mod Speed
  • Improved and Strengthened Feedback and Oscillation
  • Improved Delay overall definition and strength
  • Tap Input/Output allows external tap controller or tap slaving
  • True Bypass Switching

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