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Gibson USA Goes with Cleartone Strings

Gibson USA Goes with Cleartone Strings -

Gibson USA electric guitars now come with factory-installed Cleartone strings. This move reunites Cleartone owner and rock ‘n roll pioneer Phil Everly with the iconic American guitar brand.

Cleartone strings are wound and treated in Everly’s North Hollywood, California factory. A premium guitar string, Cleartone are known for remaining bright and lively-sounding for an incredibly long time.

According to Cleartone owner Phil Everly,

Gibson has given my family so much joy over the years. My dad’s prized possession was his L-5™. And I’ll never forget my years touring the world; first with my J-200™ and later my Everly Brothers model J-185. We are very proud to supply Gibson USA with original factory strings. It’s wonderful to keep the tradition going.” Phil’s son Jason Everly is President of Cleartone Strings.

On the Gibson deal, Everly says,

My family and Gibson share a lot of history together. To bring things full circle like this is truly incredible. We are humbled and honoured.”

Gibson USA switched to Cleartone after extensive testing in a retail environment proved the strings on Cleartone-strung guitars remained new-sounding longer than uncoated strings. Cleartone’s Gibson USA set includes the following string gauges: .009, .011, .016, .026, .036 and .046.





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