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VOX Popular Custom Colour Model Range Extended

VOX Popular Custom Colour Model Range Extended -

Custom Series Guitar Amplifier

The popular custom colour models have been joined by two new colors: cream and purple.

The AC30C2-CM/AC15C1-CM features the G12M-65 Creamback speaker that has been revived by the Celestion Company, fulfilling the hopes of many guitarists. The sound of mid-60s rock has been resurrected for today’s players.

With an appearance and design that emanate an atmosphere of premium sophistication, and color schemes that capture the heart of aficionados, custom color models have been popular since the beginning of the VOX brand. We now announce two new colors: vintage cream and elegant purple. They're a great match with the Tygon cloth, and they’re sure to stand out on stage. These are ideal amps for any guitarist who seeks originality in their performance. Choose from a range that includes the standard models with 30W/15W output and the compact AC4 with 4W output.

The two models AC30C2-CM/AC15C1-CM feature the Celestion Company’s latest speaker, the G12M-65 Creamback. It will satisfy your need for a powerful sound that preserves that woody vintage tone.

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