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Music Hall of Fame Announce Innovative New Feature

Music Hall of Fame Announce Innovative New Hologram Feature  -

The Music Hall of Fame, located in Camden, North London, has announced plans for radical new feature which will give fans the chance to jam with their rock star heroes.

Schedualed to open some time in 2014 the museum will give guitarist the chance to ‘perform’ with fully interactive holograms of John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Freddy Mercury or Kurt Cobain.

Project manager Lee Bennett tells the London Evening Standard (via Classic Rock):

 “You could be transported back to a specific moment of music or play with artists who are no longer alive, even playing back-to-back with a hologram.

In addition fans will be able to savour and treasure the moment forever via DVD footage of their performances.

The 2012 Coachella Festival ‘appearance’ by rap legend Tupac Shakur is said to be the catalyst for the innovative new project.





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