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‘Oh Yes We Can Love: The History Of Glam Rock’ Announced by Universal

‘Oh Yes We Can Love: The History Of Glam Rock’ Box-Set Announced by Universal -

The storied history of the glam rock movement will be celebrated with a new five disc box set which “aims to tell the entire story through 91 tracks.”

Entitled ‘Oh Yes We Can Love: The History Of Glam Rock’ the new set will explore a complete myriad of mutations from early origins in ChucK Berry and Little Richard to its contemporary evolution in the Darknes and Foxy Shazam.

Universal, who will released the set on October 28th, explains:

“When Marc Bolan appeared on Top of the Pops in 1971, daubed in glitter, it permitted a generation of teenyboppers to begin playing with the idea of androgyny. It marked the dawning of a new era, a rejection of what had gone before.

“Arguably reaching its zenith in 1973 when the likes of Slade, Sweet and Suzi Quatro all had a run of chart-topping singles, the death-knell was eventually sounded by the rise of punk. Yet throughout the 80s and 90s and into the new millennium, bands have often drawn liberally from the lexicon of glam.”

‘Oh Yes We Can Love: The History Of Glam Rock’ includes a 100-page booklet containing rare single sleeves complete with glam rock trivia plus an essay by rock journalist Barney Hoskyns, who wrote Glam! the definitive history of the era.

'Oh Yes We Can Love: The History Of Glam' Rock tracklist

Disc One

1. Noel Coward: Mad Dogs And Englishmen
2.  Chuck Berry: Around and Around
3. Little Richard: Ooh My Soul
4. Vince Taylor & the Playboys: Brand New Cadillac
5. Max Harris: Gurney Slade
6. Anthony Newley: Bee Bom
7. Billy Fury: Jealousy
8. Howlin’ Wolf: You’ll Be Mine
9. Jacques Brel: Amsterdam
10. The Velvet Underground: I’m Waiting For My Man
11. David Bowie: London Bye Ta-Ta
12. The Stooges: 1969
13. The Kinks: Lola
14. Hot Legs: Neanderthal Man
15. Burundi Steiphenson Black : Burundi Black
16. Curved Air: Back Street Luv
17. Fanny: Charity Ball
18. The Murgatroyd Band: Theme From Magpie
19. Chicory Tip: Son Of My Father
20. T Rex: Hot Love
21. Slade: Coz I Luv You

Disc Two

22. Mott The Hoople: All The Young Dudes
23. Lou Reed: Walk On the Wild Side
24. Roxy Music: Virginia Plain
25. T Rex: Metal Guru
26. The Osmonds: Crazy Horses
27. Dana Gillespie: Andy Warhol
28. Suzi Quatro: Can The Can
29. New York Dolls: Looking For A Kiss
30. Nazareth: This Flight Tonight
31. Sweet: Ballroom Blitz
32. Cozy Powell: Dance With The Devil
33. David Essex: Rock On
34. Wizzard: Angel Fingers (A Teen Ballad)
35. Elton John: Bennie and the Jets
36. Barry Blue: Dancing On A Saturday Night
37. Alvin Stardust: Ma Coo Ca Choo
38. Lulu: The Man Who Sold The World
39. Mick Ronson: Growing Up And I’m Fine
40. Cockney Rebel: Judy Teen

Disc Three

1. Sparks: This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us
2. Hello: Tell Him
3. Mud: Tiger Feet
4. Jook: Bish Bash Bosh
5. Bryan Ferry: The ‘In’ Crowd
6. Patti Smith Group: Piss Factory
7. Cockney Rebel: Tumbling Down
8. The Glitter Band: Angel Face
9. Kenny: The Bump
10. The Rubettes: Sugar Baby Love
11. Fox: Only You Can
12. KISS: Rock And Roll All Nite
13. Sailor: A Glass Of Champagne
14. Ian Hunter : Once Bitten Twice Shy
15. Arrows: I Love Rock and Roll
16. Bay City Rollers: Saturday Night

Disc Four

17. Blondie: Rip Her To Shreds
18. Be Bop Deluxe: Ships In the Night
19. The Runaways: Cherry Bomb
20. ELO: Rockaria!
21. The Ramones: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
22. The RAH Band: The Crunch
23. Rock Follies: OK?
24. Ultravox!: RockWrok
25. Ace Frehley: New York Groove
26. Judas Priest: Take On The World
27. Boney M: Rasputin
28. Generation X: Valley Of the Dolls
29. Human League: Rock and Roll Part Two / Nightclubbing
30. Magazine: The Light  Pours Out Of Me
31. Adam and the Ants: “Antmusic”
32. Department S : Solid Gold Easy Action
33. Bauhaus: Ziggy Stardust
34. Dead Or Alive: That’s The Way (I Like It)

Disc Five

35. Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Love Missile F1-11
36. Hanoi Rocks: Up Around The Bend
37. Sisters Of Mercy: Emma
38. Morrissey: Glamorous Glue
39. Suede: Metal Mickey
40. The Fall: Glam Racket
41. Carter USM: Glam Rock Cops
42. Glam Metal Detectives: Everybody Up
43. Saint Etienne: Star
44. Earl Brutus: The SAS and the Glam That Goes With It
45. Gay Dad: To Earth With Love
46. Marilyn Manson: The Dope Show
47. Pulp: We Are The Boys
48. The Darkness: Growing On Me
49. Goldfrapp: Strict Machine
50. The Ark: Clamour For Glamour
51. Foxy Shazam: Unstoppable





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