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Brian ‘Head’ Welch Debuts Love and Death ‘Meltdown’ Video

‘Head’ Welch Debuts Love and Death ‘Meltdown’ Video -

Despite returning to Korn recently after nearly 8 years away from the pioneering nu-metal outfit he helped co-found, guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch has now released the new video for his ‘other’ band, Love and Death.

The video for the new track ‘Meltdown,’ which features on the band’s self-titled debut album, shows all four of the band members working as hosts at a children’s party in a restaurant complete with fast food-worker attire. After a torrent of torment from the unruly children and following a tongue lashing  from their boss, Welch and co reach for their instruments and start jamming,

Love and Death’s ‘Between Here & Lost’ will be re-released as a deluxe edition on Sept. 24 and contain the new song ‘Empty’ as well as some bonus remixes.

Love and Death - 'Meltdown'                    


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