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The Eastside LC Will Now Feature a Lollar Charlie Christian Pickup

The Eastside LC Will Now Feature a Lollar Charlie Christian Pickup -

The Charlie Christian style single coil pickup was first introduced in 1936, making it among the first electric guitar pickup designs. It defined the early sounds of the electrified archtop guitar through its use by the innovative jazz guitarist Charlie Christian, who became its namesake. Jason Lollar's new version of the Charlie Christian humbucker route pickup features a radiused blade polepiece. This new design creates exceptional string response and balance on the Eastside LC. Although the Lollar Imperial humbucker that the Eastside LC has featured until now is a common choice for this style of guitar, we have found that Jason Lollar's Charlie Christian pickup imparts a beautiful, acoustically full and organic tone that completely fulfills our vision for the sonic potential of the Eastside LC.

The Lollar Charlie Christian style pickup used in the Eastside LC features a radiused single blade polepiece and fits into a standard sized humbucker route. It is constructed with traditional braided shield single conductor wire. The top surface is textured satin black. Both the humbucker-sized surround and the blade are nickel plated.


Lollar Charlie Christian Humbucker Route Pickup 

LC Pickup


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Peter Green / Ivar Bjørnson

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