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Marty Friedman Releases First Guitar Loop Library

PRESS RELEASE - Producers and DJ's are often looking for new sounds that add a live feeling to their music. "Exotic Guitar" is a new loop library option for adding that live guitar sound to a variety of genres. The loops were recorded by guitarist Marty Friedman and showcase his signature style of playing ranging from high gain leads and rhythm to clean tone guitar melodies influenced by Japanese and Middle Eastern scales. The audio demo reveals Friedman's guitar over a variation of metal and dubstep drums hinting at unique remix possibilities.



Friedman is best known for his unique style of playing heard on his solo albums and the time spent as lead guitarist for metal band Megadeth. A total of 65 patterns varying in length were recorded and looped at 140 BPM. Musicians and DJs looking to add a live feel of guitar to their music should look into this loop pack. The Exotic Guitar loop pack is priced at $24.99 and can be previewed at

LoopArtists brings together established artists from around the world. The website specializes in professional quality loops for aspiring musicians, producers and DJs. For more details visit




We interviewed Marty Friedman in issue 17 of Guitar Interactive. Read the full interview and watch the video here.


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