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Introducing Asterope from Fishman Cable Range

Introducing Asterope from Fishman Cable Range

The premium Asterope from Fishman cable range is now available in the UK and Eire through worldwide trade distributor John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd.

Asterope audio cables deliver pure, uncoloured, high definition sound, providing greater clarity, bandwidth and harmonics while dramatically improving the musical experience for both the musician and the listener.

The range of Asterope cables includes leads for both onstage and studio use. The Asterope Pro Stage Series is ideal for more demanding environments when consistency, control and durability are essential to a successful performance. The Asterope Pro Studio Series, meanwhile, provides a more dynamic, spatial and superior sound. This is ideal for more intimate environments when clarity and harmonic response are critical.

Made in the USA, all Asterope cables feature the highest quality conductive materials that optimise the electron flow in your signal path, as well as proprietary wiring and production methods, patented ultra-clarity connectors, durable exterior jacketing, enhanced noise-resistant shielding, unique unidirectional design, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Asterope's Balanced XLR line of audio cables features the same unique architectural design and proprietary processes, so whether connecting components, or recording vocals, acoustic instruments, an amp, or the room... Asterope will enhance your sound.

For guitarists and bassists, there are a wealth of Asterope options available. Leads are available with straight or right angled connectors from lengths of 6ft upwards, with 1ft and 3ft patch cables also on offer. Prices start from £89.99 UK RRP for a 6ft stage lead.

In all good music stores from June 2013, Asterope from Fishman is distributed exclusively in the UK and Eire by John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd. For more information, visit the JHS website.


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