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Fender & Edison Nation Challenges Investors to Design the Next Generation Guitar & Bass Cases

Fender & Edison Nation Challenges Investors to Design the Next Generation Guitar & Bass Cases -

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation has announce their partnership with, an innovation platform used by creative people to bring new ideas to market, to challenge inventors from all over the world to develop the next generation guitar and bass case.

While Fender instruments have evolved a lot over the past 60 years, their cases and packaging have for the most part stayed the same. Today, Fender is turning to the Edison Nation community to find innovative advancements in how to transport and protect these musical instruments.

Edison Nation works with global inventors to get their innovations in front of retailers and manufacturers, to store and perfect their ingenious ideas, keep up with inventive friends, and learn what it takes to create and introduce a successful product into the market.

Fender is hoping to find new, consumer-focused innovations in guitar and bass cases and packaging that reflect the Fender brand and the musician carrying it. Inventors have been asked to consider new shapes, designs, handles, latches and materials to package and/or carry these instruments.

"Fender has a long history of designing and creating innovative products and we continue to look for opportunities to expand on this foundation," said Keith Chapman, senior vice president, Research & Development at Fender.

"Working with Edison Nation allows us to further our open innovation program and benefit from a large community of talented designers and inventors."

Licensed ideas will receive a $2,500 minimum advance on 20 years percentage of sales or buyout. Edison Nation splits the licensing royalties 50/50 on the products that are selected. Royalties vary based upon the product, and are in line with current industry rates.

Each idea costs $25 to submit. Edison Nation Insider members submit ideas for $20 each with the ability to submit them into other searches for free.

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