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Ex-Led Zepp Frontman Interviewed During US tour

Ex-Led Zepp Frontman Interviewed During US Tour -

Robert Plant has given a rare video interview during his current US tour.

The ex-Led Zeppelin frontman sat down with filmmaker Russ Spencer prior to his show at the Santa Barbara Bowl on 28th June with his band the Sensational Space Shifters to discuss the tour and what's up next for Plant.

"You know, singing in a band, or just singing generally, you've got to be inspired," explained Robert (via Hennemusic)

"So I just choose a path that suits me. When I want to do it, then I do it. When you are a performer you love to perform, you know, but monotony is not something I would be a party I have to cut my cloth accordingly. Some people want it the same every night; I can't do that…it's not my gig."

"I'm not a guy who really revels in the past; if I did, I would be in a much different positon now," said Plant, making a reference to the difference between playing with Led Zeppelin and his current situation. "But that would be kind of hollow, perhaps."

On playing with the Sensational Space Shifters, Plant said enthusiastically,

"This is a remarkable combination, it's not about R-O-C-K rock. It's a mélange of psychedelic British urban trance music mixed with the power of delta blues and the spirit of Led Zeppelin. Amen."

Plant and Sensational Space Shifters kicked off their US dates at the Palladium in Dallas, TX on June 20 and will wrap up on July 27 in Brooklyn, NY's Prospect Park.


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