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Carol-Ann Announces the Tucana 3 Amp

Carol-Ann Announces the Tucana 3 Amp -

Offering an all-tube design with features and tones aimed at gigging and recording musicians who cover many styles. A players dream with no compromises

The Tucana 3 features three channels that can cover any style from Country through Blues to Classic Rock right through to modern Hard Rock.

Separate Input Levels on the Clean and Overdrive channels allow the player to dial the amp in perfectly for their own guitars and styles. It is the first amplifier to feature the new BiasMon system, which means players will never again be plagued with bad tone due to variances in wall voltage and Power Tube changes / rebias becomes a 2 minute breeze.

A 5 button foot controller with programmable efx loop assignment that connects via a standard 3 pin XLR mic cable is also included.

  • Separate 3 Band EQ on Clean and OD Channels
  • Separate Overdrive Controls on OD Channels
  • Separate Master Volumes on all 3 Channels
  • Footswitcable Lead Master Volume Control
  • Tube Buffered EFXLoopwith Level Control
  • Small Box Head Shell (20")
  • KT88 75W Power Amp
  • 2x12AX7, 1x5751, 2 x 12AT7 Preamp
  • BiasMon System with 3 LEDS;s and Control, monitors Cathode Current, Plate Voltage and Screen Dissipation to give a visual indication of correct operating point for the tubes at any time.
  • Programmable 5 Button Foot Controller

The MRP for the Tucana 3 Tube Amplifier is $3395.00 (£2206.98)



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