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Tony Iommi Appears on BBC's HARDtalk

Tony Iommi Appears on BBC's HARDtalk -

Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi was featured on this week's edition of BBC's HARDtalk series.

Iommi appeared on Wednesday's show to discuss Black Sabbath comeback album '13' as well as the band's image and early lifestyle with host Shaun Ley.

Asked whether the band performed in a way that played up to their Satanic image, Iommi revealed the band had "dabbled" in the occult in the early days, but said they had never been Satanists.

"It was creating music, and that's all I do. I don't try to create anything to destroy people or to upset anybody," he added.

Iommi also discussed the band's past drug use:

 "If I'd have known, what I know now, I certainly would not have dabbled to that extent. I don't think any of us would."

Tony Iommi's HARDtalk interview can be seen once again tonight on the BBC News Channel 00:30 BST.



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