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New Nine Inch Nails Track Unveiled

New Nine Inch Nails Track Unveiled -

Nine Inch Nails are back with their first new track in five years.

The new song, aptly titled 'Came Back Haunted,' will feature on the on the band's new album, which is reportedly set to be titled 'Hesitation Marks' and will be released on September 3rd.

'Came Back Haunted' "harkens back to early NIN," says Lisa Worden (via Blabbermouth), Music Director for Los Angeles alternative station KROQ.

"I think it's in line with the first two albums," Worden continues. "It's got a great beat, it's not the experimental material [NINE INCH NAILS mainman] Trent's [Reznor] done in the last five years." Worden indicated the song didn't strike her as angry. Rather the beat is what made an impression. "I wouldn't say that it's dance-y, but it does have a great beat, a groove. Trent really brought it with this song. It's going to sound amazing to new fans and old. It's just cool."

The new album will also see Reznor return to a major label after six years as an independent artist after signing with Columbia Records six years after his less than amicable split with Interscope Records.

The new NIN record had been in the works for nearly a year before Reznor revealed to the world that he planned to launch a revamped line-up.


Nine Inch Nails - 'Came Back Haunted'


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