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MI Effects Release Cross Over Drive Pedal Preview

MI Effects Release Cross Over Drive Pedal Preview -

MI Effects have released a video demonstration of their new overdrive pedal 'The Cross Over Drive' pedal, which will be released this coming August. 

"The Cross Over Drive is a FET overdrive designed to capture the response and touch-sensitivity of an amp's organic overdrive. This preamp design is all about the strumming hand - with the amount of drive determined by every nuance of the attack, be it finger-picking or plectrum. 

The pedal was dubbed the Cross Over Drive due to its seamless transition from boost to overdrive to distortion to fuzz with a sweep of the GAIN knob. At its lowest gain, it is a boost/enhancer adding some extra sparkle to the guitar's natural tone. Turning up a bit more GAIN gives some nice, complex, tube-like overdrive but allows clean-up of the signal via the guitar's volume knob that A/B's well against a standard clean. A bit more gain and you have a smooth, harmonic-rich, sustaining lead sound from 70′s rock to jazz-fusion

Find the right EQ spot with the DETAIL knob, and blend in the amount of top-end harmonics with the BALANCE control for one of the sweetest, responsive drive tones that will have you convinced you have found another channel in your amp!

This will be a limited edition run of 250 pedals, due to limited transistors supply. The XOD will be sold at selected retailers worldwide, available August."


MI Effects Cross Over Drive Preview  



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