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Led Zeppelin Bassist John Paul Jones Pens Opera

Led Zeppelin Bassist John Paul Jones Pens Opera -

Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones has revealed that he has been keeping himself busy recently by writing an opera.

Jones was speaking with Red Carpet News at the after party for the London launch of 'The Perfect American' by Philip Glass.

In the brief interview Jones discussed the project, which is based on August Strindbergs's The Ghost Sonato' saying he felt drawn to opera because,

"It's unlike anything else. It's the emotion, the passion."

Jones was also asked on the likelihood of another Led Zeppelin reunion, and although he refused to rule out the idea, he did point out that he has other things going on at the moment. Going on to say he only has time to "do little gigs that I don't have to prepare too much for," he also discouraged rumours of a 2014 tour by saying, "2014′s full of opera for me at the moment."

See below for the full interview. 

Led Zeppelin John Paul Jones Interview - 


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