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Black Sabbath Stream New Album '13'

Black Sabbath Stream New Album '13' -

Black Sabbath are streaming their new album, '13.' Head to the band's iTunes artist page to hear the album in full.

The Rick Rubin produced album is the first album Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler have recorded together since 1978's 'Never Say Die!'

Frontman Ozzy recently said of the new album (via NME):

"The one thing I'm really happy with the new material is that it doesn't sound like what we'd have done next if I hadn't left in 1979," he explained. "It isn't like we've tried to make 'Paranoid' again. It sounds like Black Sabbath, but it's very current. I mean, with Pro Tools and computers and everything, we could make us sound like anything."

Bassist Geezer Butler said that the new material reminds him of "the heavier side of Sabbath" and said of the lyrical content:

"It's very depressing. We've got all the usual contenders: death, religion, death, abuse, death."


01. End Of The Beginning (8:05)
02. God Is Dead? (8:52)
03. Loner (4:59)
04. Zeitgeist (4:37)
05. Age Of Reason (7:01)
06. Live Forever (4:46)
07. Damaged Soul (7:51)
08. Dear Father (7:20)

Deluxe-edition bonus tracks:

09. Methademic (5:57)
10. Peace Of Mind (3:40)
11. Pariah (5:34)


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