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TC Electronic announces free Gary Lucas TonePrints

TC Electronic announces free Gary Lucas TonePrints -

The spotlight moves on to the next guitarist in the runaway success TonePrint series - and lands on Gary Lucas. Gary is a Grammy-nominated songwriter, composer for film and television, and an international recording artist with over twenty solo albums to date.

His TonePrints for Hall Of Fame reverb, Flashback Delay and Flashback X4 delay are available immediately and completely free of charge at or though our free TonePrint app for iOS and Android.

Gary's first TonePrint, Lucasonic for Hall Of Fame Reverb, turned out to be a great all-round, creative reverb sound. Gary is not a stranger to reverb, with roots stemming from the 60's psychedelic scene. Gary has a Hall Of fame on his board and he prefers big 'cathedral' type sounds. Because of that, we started out with a cathedral setting and built on that until Gary heard his sound.

The funny thing is Gary actually ended with a plate reverb that has a bit of modulation - resulting in a huge tone that is calm and serene and has a super bright edge, with a nice chunky low end that's not too boomy. A really nice TonePrint with a great amount of shimmer. In Gary's words,  the Lucasonic TonePrint is a mystical event in space!

His second TonePrint is called WayBack Machine, a classic delay with a psychedelic edge. Gary really likes his delays to play 'against the guitar'  for a more crazy effect to create contrast - he uses delays for fun, and he nailed it with this TonePrint. Gary went with a reverse delay with a bit of the dry signal, but very distorted and nasal. Not a clean, pristine sound in the traditional sense, this delay harkens back to the best of the 60s warped sounds but has a cool futuristic vibe.

Tore Mogensen, Business Manager for Guitar at TC Electronic, adds: "This was a great TonePrint session. Gary is a very nice guy and a killer guitarist. I really think these TonePrints are inspirational and creative, with a very positive vibe. Obviously, Gary Lucas has played an instrumental part in the life of Jeff Buckley, besides being an amazing solo artist. I think the recent film 'Greetings From Tim Buckley' which prominently features Gary, will really cement him as a pivotal person in Jeff's artistic development. Plus, a young genius artist struggling to step out of his father's shadow. I'd pay to see that!"




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