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Schertler’s Magnetico AG6 Pickup Hits the Stores

Schertler's Magnetico AG6 Pickup Hits the Stores -

Following a successful launch at this year's Frankfurt Musikmesse, Schertler is now shipping its revolutionary new Magnetico AG6 pickup for acoustic guitar. The AG6 is the first model in a range of specially developed, affordable fretted instrument pickups that uniquely combine high-end Schertler electronics with active multiple coil technology. Benefits include a fast transient behaviour, flat frequency response and a full rich sound across the entire range of the instrument.

The compact pickup fits inside the guitar's sound hole. It is equipped with volume control and external input (also with separate volume control) for connecting a second pickup. Sound from both pickups can be blended to create exactly the right effect for each individual performance or recording. The Magnetico AG6 is supplied with an internal Jack cable for fixed installation on the instrument. An external Jack cable is available separately.

Two new microphones will also be available for use with the AG6; an electrodynamic moving coil contact microphone and an external condenser microphone.

The AG6 is the first model in Schertler's A-Series of Magnetico pickups for acoustic guitars, banjos and mandolins. It is offered in Standard Black and Limited Series wood top finishes.


Other ranges to follow include the E-Series for electric guitars and basses and the R-Series for replacing existing standard single coil or humbucker systems on specified guitar brands including Fender and Gibson. The Magnetico S-Series is a custom pickup that will be available for build-in applications.

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