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Q.O.T.S.A Release Music Video to 'I Appear Missing'

Q.O.T.S.A Release Music Video to 'I Appear Missing' -

Dessert rock warriors Queens Of The Stone Age have released the music video for new track 'I Appear Missing.'

The track has been taken from the band's upcoming album '…Like Clockwork,' and according to frontman Josh Homme was named after the ups-and-downs of the albums recording process.

He explained (via Classic Rock Magazine):

"We'd have these great victories, then something would go south for a bit, and we'd go: 'It's like clockwork!' A sick sense of humour is what's always been our preservation mechanism. This time we're using that sick sense of humour for a title."

He later said:

"I feel like a weight made of monkeys has lifted off my shoulders. Every once in a while this process is difficult. This is documenting the journey of moving forward, and it was a tough time."

…Like Clockwork 

01. Keep Your Eyes Peeled
02. I Sat By The Ocean
03. The Vampyre Of Time And Memory
04. If I Had A Tail
05. My God Is The Sun
06. Kalopsia
07. Fairweather Friends~
08. Smooth Sailing
09. I Appear Missing


Queens of the Stone Age - 'I Appear Missing'


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