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GJ2 Guitars Partners With Cleartone Strings

GJ2 Guitars Partners With Cleartone Strings -

The search for a clearer-sounding guitar string has led Orange County-based instrument manufacturer GJ2 Guitars to partner with Cleartone Strings. GJ2 now includes Cleartone Strings as standard equipment on all its top-quality electric guitars.

GJ2 co-founders Grover Jackson and Jon Gold toured Cleartone's North Hollywood headquarters to learn more about the product line. As CEO Jon Gold explained,

"We've been extensively trying different string brands. We wanted something that would not only sound great when you put them on, but would also keep sounding great as long as possible so that players will have the best possible experience when they try one of our guitars in a store."

36% Louder!

While most coated strings use layers of tone-killing material, Cleartone strings instead feature the thinnest coating in the industry. At one micron, they feel and sound like traditional strings, but offer 3-5 times longer string life than their closest competitor. In fact, Cleartone strings tested 36% louder than the next leading coated-string brand, according to an independent sound lab. Jon Gold remarked, "These strings maintain their tone and freshness longer than any other string we've tried."

A highlight of the Cleartone visit for Grover and Jon was the chance to meet the company's owner, music legend Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers. The Everly's harmonies influenced many of the biggest groups of the '60s including The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Simon & Garfunkel.


GJ2 Cleartone

All GJ2 Guitars now include Cleartone Strings as standard. Shown are three GJ guitar models: the Zora, Arete and Glendora. 


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