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Bohemian Guitars Add the 'Boho Series' to its Range

Bohemian Guitars Add the 'Boho Series' to its Range -

Bohemian Guitars describe themselves as creating "innovative sounding instruments out of unconventional materials for real, everyday use," and we couldn't agree more.

As you'll see the guitar range is made from vintage Oil cans and the concept was inspired by the townships of South Africa who re-purpose materials in order to create instruments. However, the cans themselves are fairly difficult to source so, thanks to a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the brothers responsible for the quirky guitar brand have designed their own oil can creations and are offering a new range called, the Boho Series.

The new range, which includes the Bohemian Honey, Bohemian Moonshine and Bohemian Motor Oil guitars, are a refreshing take on the vintage series which already features the Texaco Classico, Coleman, Hy-Fi and The Pilot.

A percentage of all guitar sales goes to donating instruments to schools and youth organizations in an effort to promote music education.


Boehmian Honey 


Bohemian Honey


Bohemian Moonshine

Bohemian _moonshine


Bohemian Motor Oil

Bohemian Motor Oil


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