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Axl Rose's Pre-Guns N' Roses Recordings Surface Online

Axl Rose's Pre-Guns N' Roses Recordings Surface Online -

A rare clip first recorded in 1983 featuring future Guns N Roses frontman Axl Rose has surfaces online for the first time.

In the early 80s Rose was at the helm of an outfit called Rapidfire, who can be heard on the clip performing a track called 'Ready To Rumble,' before meeting future bandmate Slash, ironically at a Rapidfire show three days after the recording was made which led to the formation of Hollywood Rose, and, later, GnR.

The clip was posted by former guitarist Kevin Lawrence, who also appears on the tape and owns the full recording of Ready To Rumble plus an additional four tracks (All Night Long, The Prowler, On The Run and Closure).  

The tapes were purportedly recorded in May 1983 and have apparently been in storage in their original eight-track format for more than 20 years.

Regarding the delay in which it took the tapes to become public, Lawrence writes:

"My attorney has been working with Axl's attorney for some time now trying to come out with a way to release these demos which is acceptible to Axl. Regardless, though, of what he wants, the law states that I can release these at any time and have the full legal right to do so. Because at one time (and if I ever spoke to him now) I considered Axl a friend, I am trying to work beyond the scope of my legal rights with him, out of my respect and admiration for him. Regardless, though, if in the future he chooses not to cooperate, the CD will come out commercially. Once again I am sorry to all of you for the delay, but the legal process moves very slowly."


'Ready to Rumble' Sample HD



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