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The Man Behind Dark Side of the Moon Cover Art, Storm Thorgerson Dies Aged 69

The Man Behind Dark Side of the Moon Cover Art Dies Aged 69 -

The man responsible for arguably the most iconic album artwork of all time, Storm Thorgerson, has died aged 69.

Throgerson prominent and illustrious career saw him work with some of the world's biggest bands designing album art for the likes of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Anthrax and more recently for Dream Theater, Muse and The Mars Volta.

Born in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire on 28th February 1944 he attended Summerhill School in Cambridge along with Pink Floyd founders Syd Barrett and Roger Waters.

After graduating from University with both a Bachelor of Arts degree with honours and a Master of Arts degree he became a key member of the renowned graphic art group Hipgnosis, and designed many of their most famous single and album covers including Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon.' In 1987, following the dissolution of Hipgnosis in 1983, Thorgerson formed his own design studio called Storm Studios.

Many of his designs are notable for their surreal elements which would usually feature objects out of their traditional context, usually with vast spaces around them to give an awkward appearance while highlighting their beauty.

Pink Floyd guitarist and vocalist Dave Gilmour said of Strom:

"We first met in our early teens. We would gather at Sheep's Green, a spot by the river in Cambridge and Storm would always be there holding forth, making the most noise, bursting with ideas and enthusiasm. Nothing has ever really changed.

"He has been a constant force in my life, both at work and in private, a shoulder to cry on and a great friend. I will miss him."

A post on the official Pink Floyd website called him a "graphic genius."



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