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MUSIKMESSE: Tronical Announce the Tronical Tuning Technology

Tronical Announce the Tronical Tuning Technology -

Tronical announce the highly acclaimed Tronical Tuning Technology to be available for all customers, brands and makes of guitars! With Tronical Tune everyone has access to this amazing self-tuning system as a retro fit kit for his own instrument. Based on the new Min-E-Tune system known from the latest Gibson models Tronical presents Tronical Tune as a retro fit kit to bring perfect tuning to potentially all guitar players - finally.

Installed within ten minutes and with minimum effort Tronical Tune basically works straight out of the box. No drilling required. The push of one single button gets the guitar in perfect tune within seconds. Additionally the player has immediate access to 12 different alternate tunings plus 6 custom tunings - this opens an infinite array of new creative possibilities.

Tronical Tune is a small compact battery powered tuning unit that sits on the back of the guitar's headstock. No need for screws, wiring or routing, in fact the light weight system is not visible from the front of the guitar. A guitar with Tronical Tune looks the same, feels the same, plays the same and rocks the same - it's just always in tune. Perfect for home, studio and gigging: The internal lithium battery lasts for up to 300 tunings on just one charge. Always in Tune in seconds.

Using and installing Tronical Tune is simple. Tronical Tune basically consists of a mounting plate and six robot machine heads. Anyone now can upgrade their guitar to proper tuning - setting themselves apart from the majority of players who still struggle keeping their guitars in tune.

Chris Adams, Inventor and Managing Director of Tronical GmbH:

"This is a dream come true for guitar players. In tune, with just one push of a button. Alternate tunings in seconds! An infinite array of creative possibilities"


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Jim Root

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