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MUSIKMESSE: SPL launches Crimson Audio Interface

SPL launches Crimson Audio Interface -

Analogue and digital audio processor developer/manufacturer SPL is proud to launch its Crimson USB Audio Interface & Controller at Musikmesse 2013...

As implied by its full name, Crimson combines a USB interface with high-quality pre-amps and a separate, fully-featured monitor controller, creating a cost-effective, portable package. Play, playback, record, convert, control, and listen with a single device. Add a DAW and you've got yourself a truly professional recording setup with outstanding SPL performance to boot at a hitherto unachievable price point.

How is this possible, though? To create Crimson, SPL redesigned its tried-and-tested circuitries, creating a new, fully-integrated design. This, together with new production methods, enabled the company to break through previous price barriers to create a boutique-level product at a fraction of traditional German manufacturing costs.

So what exactly does this keenly-priced product offer, then? The 24-bit/192kHz-capable Crimson packs an amazing amount of features into its conveniently compact and attractive desktop footprint, that's for sure.

With its 30 I/O channels (10 recording and 20 playback); +/-18V operational voltage (for professional levels up to +24dB); two boutique-level, discrete Class A, +/-30V high-voltage mic pre-amps; two Hi-Z instrument pre-amps; two separate headphone amps (individually controllable); dual stereo speaker set connections (and control); monitor signal mix function (from playback and recording paths); MIDI input and output; plus USB 2.0, S/PDIF input and output, Crimson creates professional sound at an incredible price!

The Crimson USB Audio Interface & Monitor Controller (Model 1250) will be available to purchase worldwide from any SPL dealer with a RRP of €549.00 EURO (including German VAT)/$725.00 USD . Availability is scheduled for June 2013.


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