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Gear Demo: IK Multimedia Amplitube Orange

Gear Demo: IK Multimedia Amplitube Orange -

Crank back the clock some 45 years to the swinging London music scene of the late 1960s, and you'll find a young Cliff Cooper contemplating the creation of amplification of a different sort - amplification that wouldn't just stand out tonally, but visually, too. Back then, musical instrument amplification was, well, boring, to say the least. Everything looked the same…black. Cliff saw opportunity and decided enough was enough - thus Orange Amplifiers were born.

Flash forward to 2013,

"AmpliTube Orange® gives you the best of the best of Orange amplifiers and cabinets for your Mac or PC, in a new collection for AmpliTube Custom Shop from the leader in amp and effects modeling, IK Multimedia."

8 amp models:

  • AD200B MK 3™ Head
  • Dual Terror™ Head
  • OR50H™ Head
  • Thunderverb™ 200 Head
  • Tiny Terror™ Head
  • AD30TC™ Combo Amplifier
  • OR120™ Head
  • RockerVerb 50 MKII™ Head


  • OBC115 1×15″
  • OBC410 4×10″
  • OBC810 8×10″
  • PPC112 1×12″
  • PPC212 2×12″
  • PPC212 Open-Back 2×12″
  • PPC412 4×12″
  • Tiny Terror™ 1×12″ Combo
  • AD30TC™ 2×12″ Combo


These amp models come with matching configurable speaker cabinets. Every detail of each amp model has been faithfully reproduced, all the way down to the signature hieroglyphic control labels. Orange is the king of "plug and play," and that's exactly what you get with AmpliTube Orange.

Check out for more info or if you already have Amplitube installed click on the Orange Collection in the Custom Shop.



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