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First in the U.S.A: 3D Printed Guitar Now Available With 76 Pickup Tones

First in the U.S.A: 3D Printed Guitar Now Available With 76 Pickup Tones -

AweSome Musical Instruments has just released the first commercially available 3D printed guitar made in the U.S.A. 

This revolutionary new instrument (AWE-3DG) comes standard with two T.V. Jones Power'Tron humbucker pickups and uses their T4-Switch to give you a Grand Canyon wide range of 76 pickup tones.

This instrument is virtually unbreakable. It is available only in its natural white body finish because most guitar players strongly desire that neo-tech appearance. Others who wish to customize their instrument can have the body painted to their specifications.  Although hollow, the body is designed to appear similar to a LP-style solid body instrument and is appropriately reinforced in the neck-to-bridge area.

In summary, this "wave of the future" instrument gives you more pure analog pickup tone power than any other electric guitar on earth, and also gives you access to many of those hidden seductive and aphrodisiac-like pickup tones that have been reported to exert a noticeable effect on the women in their audience.

AweSome Musical Instruments growing family of over 50 ultra high-performance patented Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products give you access to all the pickup tones that are silently hiding in your electric guitar or bass instrument.  These incredible products will let you upgrade almost 200 Fender electric guitar and bass models, as well as models of all other manufacturers, to give you up to 76 pure analog pickup tones from your stock instruments.  These products are proudly made in the U.S.A. - and they will give you amazing tones without changing your pickups.

"Our products are the Swiss Army Knife of pickup tones."

We're not just light years ahead of everyone; we are completely in the next galaxy.



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Jim Root

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