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Rush Introduce String Section to 'Clockwork Angels' Tour

Rush Introduce String Section to 'Clockwork Angels' Tour -

After a 40 year plus career spanning 20 albums and countless world tours performing as a trio, Rush have enlisted the talents of a string section for their 'Clockwork Angels' world tour.

During a recent interview with Eddie Trunk frontman and bassist Geddy Lee revealed that the move was inspired by the group's inclusion of strings on a number of tracks on their latest album:

"We had orchestration on four or five of the songs, and we thought it would be a little more authentic bringing real strings as opposed to using our technology."

"We rehearsed with the technology and we could have done it without the live thing."

Lee continued,

"But we'd always talked about doing it, and it was like, 'Let's stop talking and just do it.' It expanded from those four or five songs to all the songs in the 'Clockwork Angels' part of the set, plus it bled over into some older songs we'd always wanted to do with strings."

Next month the Canadian prog-rock legends will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a Los Angeles ceremony on 18th April.


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