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Megadeth Upload More Studio Footage

Megadeth Post More Studio Footage -

Megadeth have uploaded even more footage of them working in the studio on their upcoming studio album 'Super Collider.'

The new clips were again shot at Vic's Garage studio in San Marcos, California and features Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson and Chris Broderick.

"It was a real thrill for us to learn there was an opportunity to join Universal," said Mustaine.

"It seems like every time you see a great band or music video, it comes from a Universal label. Being with Universal is by far the most exciting and prestigious home for Megadeth ever! We are electrified with what the future holds and the possibilities such a powerhouse like Universal will bring for us all. We have worked with some great people over the years, and it is amazing to see so many of them on the Universal team for our new record, 'Super Collider'. If Megadeth being here isn't satiating enough, having Tradecraft as my own label is going to be really amazing for metal bands around the world."

The new album is scheduled for a release in June through Mustaine's own label Tradecraft, which is distributed by Universal.


Megadeth at Vic's Garage - Studio Update #8 February 2013


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