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Electro-Harmonix Reissues Rare Random Tone Generator In Nano Form

PRESS RELEASE - A faithful reissue of an extremely rare Electro-Harmonix synthesizer first introduced in 1980, the new Random Tone Generator pedal produces continuously changing tones over a four-plus octave range. Straight out of a '50s sci-fi movie, the pocket-sized pedal creates a range of tones reminiscent of the beeps and bloops from a mad scientist's lab to the spooky drones of a haunted dungeon.



The Random Tone Generator features a Rate Knob and Glide Switch. The Rate Knob controls the speed at which the tones areRTG RGB generated and the Glide Switch adds portamento or a glide in pitch between them. The footswitch enables the musician to engage or mute the RTG's output and turns the LED on/off. A single ¼" jack provides output that is compatible with both instrument and line-level inputs. Innovative moving "grooves" and shifting musical patterns can be created by using the RTG in conjunction with other effects such as distortion or modulation. By adding a delay to the RTG's signal chain, the user can also create syncopated rhythmic tapestries of random sequences. 

The new Random Tone Generator pedal, set for a Mid-January release, is housed in a solid die-cast package and is equipped with a standard 9-volt battery.

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