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NAMM 2013: New Boulder Creek Acoustic Guitars - VIDEO

Guitar Interactive headed over to the Boulder Creek stand at NAMM 2013 to find out more about their revolutionary new bracing system for acoustic guitar tops and to get the lowdown on their new products for 2013. Watch the video below.



Suspended Bracing System (SBS)

Many years ago a designer decided that there must be a better way to brace the soundboard of a guitar to allow more vibration and yet keep the strength and stability of the guitar top. It seemed that if the bridge could be secured without using traditional X-type wood bracing, the top would vibrate more freely. This would allow greater sustain, volume, and an overall richer tone.

The "Suspended Bracing System" (patent pending) was developed by Mike Shellhammer in conjunction with Morgan Hill Music in the Silicon Valley. By using less points of contact and less bracing around the bridge area, the guitar top vibrates freely but maintains its strength and stability. The exclusive aluminum tone bars allow the top to vibrate up and down, but not flex when string tension is applied. The aluminum bars secure the bridge but are suspended 1/2 inch below the top to avoid dampening the vibration. The bars are then attached at each end of the soundboard to secure the bridge.

The "SBS" system is simply a better way to brace a guitar. The tone, balance, and additional sustain are the results. Don't compare the sound of a Boulder Creek guitar with the sound of other guitars in the same price range. It's not fair to the other guitars.

Patent pending.

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