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Diago Launches Patchfactory Solderless Guitar Patch Cable System (1)

Diago Launches Patchfactory Solderless Guitar Patch Cable System -

Diago, the creator of no-nonsense pedalboards and pedal power solutions, has introduced the Patchfactory solderless guitar patch cable system.

The Patchfactory allows musicians to create their own custom length patch cables without needing any specialist tools or skills, offering first class connection reliability, the smallest solderless plug heads, and the most transparent signal transfer available.

High precision manufacturing of both the plugs and cable means that everything fits snugly together, and super fine threads and a tightening slot in the plug cap result in strong, reliable connections.

Patchfactory lets guitarists get their FX pedals closer together than ever before, saving valuable pedalboard space. Its solderless plug heads are only 11mm (7/16") in both profile and diameter - the tiniest money can buy.

To build your own custom Diago Patchfactory cable, simply cut the cable to your desired length (approx. 11mm of cable disappears inside each plug end when assembled), push the cable firmly into each plug, bend it 90 degrees through each plug slot, and screw the cap ends on tightly with a coin - and you're done!

At 30pF per foot (100pF per metre), the super low-capacitance Patchfactory cable is at the sweet-spot for guitar. It offers faithful reproduction of your guitar signal and prevents the treble roll-off and muddiness often found from poor quality cable.

Patchfactory PatchDiago designer James Kitchen said:

"The concept may be familiar, but we've engineered Patchfactory from the ground up. Everything has been fine-tuned to make Patchfactory simple to put together, while still being reliable and great sounding, and all with an exceptionally low profile."

Patchfactory is available from all good music shops now. The Patchfactory kit - which includes 10 patch plugs, cutters, and plenty of wire, good to make five custom new patch cables in all - costs a mere £64.99 UK RRP, and the constituent parts are all available to buy separately too.

Choose from a pair of angled patch cable plugs (£9.99), bulk loose angled patch plugs (£4.99 each), a 5-foot length of cable (£6.99) or cables on a reel (100ft at £139.99, 250ft at £349.99).

Diago is distributed exclusively in the UK and Eire by John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd.


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