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Anthrax to Release 'Anthems' EP

Anthrax to Release 'Anthems' EP -

Last year thrash metal stalwarts Anthrax alluded to the possibility of a potential covers album.

Now the outfit have revealed which classic tracks they've taken on for the upcoming 'Anthems' EP and have also unveiled their cover performance of AC/DC's 'TNT' prior to the EP's release on 19th March.

Drummer Charlie Benante said,

"Back in the day, when we would do encores we would play AC/DC's 'Whole Lotta Rosie.' We never recorded it back then, but when we were in the studio making 'Worship Music,' we decided we wanted to. But [singer] Joey [Belladonna] really wanted to do 'T.N.T.' He felt it was more in his style, and he knew the song backwards and forwards, so we recorded that, and it's great."

Benante goes on to add,

"We recorded the track in Chicago and in Los Angeles [and] the sessions were really easy, felt really good. The thing about 'T.N.T.' for me is that there's not a lot of drumming on it. So the challenge for me was to not go crazy with fills, but to pay tribute to the original recording, and keep it AC/DC."

The upcoming 'Anthems' EP will also feature covers of Rush's 'Anthem,' Thin Lizzy's 'Jailbreak,' Boston's 'Smokin'' and Journey's 'Keep On Runnin'' among others. In addition to Anthrax putting their own speed-metal spin on each of the hard rock classics, Benante and artist Stephen Thompson have also redesigned each track's original album artwork to suit the Anthrax brand.  

Anthrax 'Anthems' will be available on March 19th through Megaforce Records

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