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NAMM 2013: D’Addario Announce XL Nickel Wound Balanced Tension Sets

NAMM 2013: D'Addario Announce XL Nickel Wound Balanced Tension Sets -

D'Addario, the world's largest manufacturer of guitar strings and other musical instrument accessories, introduces new XL Nickel Wound Balanced Tension string sets.

Responding to consumer demand,D'Addario XL Nickel Wound Balanced Tension setshave been optimized to have a comparable tension string to string allowing for greater dynamic control and a more evenly balanced effort while fretting, bending, strumming and picking on guitar, as well as plucking, slapping and bending on bass.  Comprised of mathematically optimized string gauge combinations, each balanced tension set was extensively tested with players and experts in order to insure not only that they were balanced, but that they retained all of the inherent properties expected of a D'Addario XL nickel wound set.

"For years, D'Addario's been dedicated to helping players find the best set for them.  As far back as 10 years ago, we published a String Tension Guide to educate players on the many factors that determine the actual and perceived string tension on your instrument," commented Brian Vance, Director of Product Management at D'Addario. "This guide has led to hundreds of inquiries through email and social media each year from players who have questions or problems to solve related to string gauges or tensions. Our new Balanced Tension sets address the needs of those players and reaffirm consumers that we are listening".

Six sizes of Balanced Tension string sets are now available:  three for electric guitar including EXL120BT (9-40 Gauge), EXL110BT (10-46 Gauge), and EXL115BT (11-50 Gauge), as well as three for electric bass including EXL220BT (40-95 Gauge), EXL170BT (45-107 Gauge), and EXL160BT (50-120 Gauge).

Balanced tension sets for guitar will retail for £6.99, and balanced tension sets for bass will retail for £23.49 and will be available in the UK from February 1, 2013.

The Balanced Tension sets are another example of D'Addario's dedication to inspiring all musicians to reach for higher levels of performance and creativity. 

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