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Mike Nesmith of the Monkees Announces 2013 US Solo Dates

Mike Nesmith of the Monkees Announces 2013 US Solo Dates -

Following the success of last year's Monkees reunion tour, guitarist Mike Nesmith has decided to hit the road for his own solo tour in the US this spring. 

The usually reclusive guitarist announced the news via his Facebook fan-page yesterday (28th Jan).

He wrote (via Ultimate Classic Rock) :

"This is the tour to break in the show. See if you like it, earn the promoters confidence, and see if anybody comes. If it goes well we will keep going later in the summer/fall and hit the states we missed on this half-lap of the U.S. If it goes poorly we will stare blankly into the future and post pictures of cute animals and food."

The band for this tour will consist of Nesmith on guitar, bassist Joe Chemay, Paul Leim on drums and Boh Cooper on keyboards.

Michael Nesmith 2013 Tour Dates:

3/21 - Nashville, Tenn.
3/24 - Los Angeles, Calif.
3/26 - Santa Cruz, Calif.
3/27 - San Francisco, Calif.
3/29 - Portland, Ore.
3/30 - Seattle, Wash.
4/3 - Boulder, Colo.
4/5 - Minneapolis, Minn.
4/6 - Chicago, Ill.
4/7 - Detroit, Mich.
4/9 - Munhall, Pa.
4/11 - Northampton, Mass.
4/12 - Rahway, N.J.
4/13 - Boston, Mass
4/15- Philadelphia, Pa.
4/16 - New York, N.Y.
4/17 - Alexandria Va.


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