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Matrix Amplification Release The Q12a Active Monitor

Andy Hunt of Matrix Amplification, is proud to release the Q12a active full range flat response monitor.

Designed for those guitarists wanting a more traditional looking cabinet as part of their backline the Q12 series combines high build quality, light weight and exceptional portability in a 1x12 style guitar cab whilst providing a transparent sound, allowing guitar playersQ 12a -1 who need a FRFR system to reproduce on stage the sounds created on studio monitors and headphones at home, without colouration from the speaker.

Utilising the same full range coaxial driver used in our popular CFR12 wedge, the Q12 gives a wide field of sound, with plenty of bottom end oomphf, usually only found in bigger cabs, all coupled with great power handling at 260 Watts RMS with a rating of 8 ohms.

The power for the Q12a is provided by Matrix's highly respected GM50 mono-bloc module, already proven and used by professional cab builders and DIY  buffs alike. Delivering plenty of high quality class A/B power with the same voicing as our flagship GT1000 amp ensures an uncoloured valve like feel with enough power to handle the loudest of on stage situations.

When the GM50 module is switched off you are able to run the cab in passive mode from an external amp. The speaker link works as normal allowing the daisy chaining of cabs together. In active mode the speaker input must be disconnected and the speaker link allows power from the GM50 to drive the daisy chained cab to a minimum 4 ohms load. Input to the GM50 module is via a combi XLR 1/4 inch input. To give the module protection during transport we've recessed the GM50 into the cab ensuring no connectors or the volume pot can be easily damaged. 

The Q12a's are shipping now, priced at $1089* in the US, or £810* inclusive of VAT within the UK. Please check our online store for shipping costs.

For more information please visit

* price excludes shipping, duty and import tax outside the EU.



Impedance:8 Ohms

Power Handling:260W RMS

Dimensions (mm):375H x 455W x 285D

Dimensions (in):14.75H x 17.9W x 11.2D

Connections:GM50 = Combi Input

Cabinet = Combi Input + Combi Output


Q 12a -1


Q 12a -2


Q 12a -3


Q 12a -4



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