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Mark Tremonti Unveils Cryptic Trailer for New Album

Mark Tremonti Unveils Cryptic Trailer for New Album -

A new trailer for Mark Tremonti's new single 'Wish You Well' has been released as a preview of what to expect from the Creed & Alter Bridge guitarist.

The teaser is titled 'Digging Up the Past' and has been filmed in a grainy black & white, with a damaged film effect to make it all the more eerie. Scenes of a shovel digging up something in what appears to be the grounds of a church are followed by what looks like an endless chord being pulled from a grave. Over the top of the short one minute clip, a medley of satanic whispers can be heard.

The mystery is ramped up somewhat with a set of images, numbers and coordinates that will keep fans guessing until the release of single 'Wish You Well.'

Watch Tremonti's 'Digging Up the Past' teaser clip below


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