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Led Zeppelin In Talks to Stream Back Catalogue

Led Zeppelin In Talks to Stream Back Catalogue -

Led Zeppelin are in talks with a number of online streaming services in order to secure exclusive rights to their entire back catalogue, reports the New York Times.

Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody and Deezer are among some of the bigger names in talks with the band, who were notorious throughout 60s & 70s for their tenacious negotiation techniques.

However the battle to secure the soon-to-be mammoth remastered back-catalogue will sure be a fiery one, especially when considered the band's music would undoubtedly boost the subscriber base of whoever lands the contract.

Led Zeppelin have sold more than 111 million albums in the United States and according to the Recording Industry Association of America the outfit moved roughly 840,000 units last year alone.

A spokesmen for Warner Music Group said in a statement:

"We're excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Led Zeppelin to activate streaming rights for their catalogue. We're supportive of the band's discussions with W.M.G.'s streaming service partners to create a window of exclusivity to maximize the impact of this launch."

The Beatles, Eagles, AC/DC and Pink Floyd are among some of the classic bands whose music largely remains absent from the likes of Spotify. However, perhaps the move by Zeppelin will bring about a change of heart for the aforementioned.   


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