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Hamer Guitars Cease Production Indefinitely

Fender Cease Production of Hamer Guitars Indefinitely -

Hamer Guitars to cease production, according to a statement recently issued by Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, who took control of the company in 2007.

As the press release states:

"Fender Musical Instruments Corp/KMCMusicorp is suspending production of Hamer instruments to focus our efforts on other brands within the company's portfolio, and to continue to address musicians' needs by designing and building the highest quality, most sought-after instruments in the world."

In recent weeks Fender had withdrew an IPO, citing uncertainty in Europe and market conditions as the main reason for ending production.

American manufacture Hamer, which was first purchased by Kaman in 1988 and then by Fender nince years later, was first founded in 1973 by vintage guitar shop owners Paul Hamer, Jol Dantzig and John Montgomery.

Famous Hamer owners include the former twin-lead pairing of Judas Priest (KK Downing & Glen Tipton) as well as Wishbone Ash guitarist Andy Powell and Jethro Tull head Ian Anderson. In its heyday the Hamer brand was also well known for its signature Steve Stevens models and is generally considered as being the first 'boutique' electric guitar brand that specifically catered to pro musicians.

The Hamer guitar range offers a wide array of electric guitars and basses, and, since its foundation has placed an emphasis on producing high-quality instruments with vintage aesthetics as well as creative innovations.

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