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Diago Launches Pedal Risers, a Modular System for Improving Access to Pedals

Diago Launches Pedal Risers, a Modular System for Improving Access to Pedals -

Diago Pedal Risers are small platforms for raising pedals in your pedal board, to make the foot switches easy to access.

At 125 x 70 x 26mm (5" x 2.75" x 1") they are roughly the same footprint as many compact effects, so they're perfect to raise individual pedals.  It's also possible to build larger platforms, or a full width shelf to raise the entire back row of pedals, just by placing them into your pedal board.

Constructed from black powercoated 2mm (14 gauge) formed steel, they are strong enough to hold any person's body weight with ease.  They are pre-covered with the same velcro that is used on Diago pedal boards - the top with loop material and the feet with hook material, so that you can use them right away.

At 26mm (1") tall, they're high enough to make pedals more accesible, but low enough to still be able to close the lid of a Diago pedal board with most pedal types mounted on the risers.  The space underneath is also convenient for tidy cable routing.

Diago Pedal Risers will be on show at the NAMM Show next week, at booth number 5868, Hall B and will be shipping immediately after.  They retail with a USA MSRP of $8.00

From humble beginnings in a bedroom in 2005, Diago has already become the fastest growing pedalboard and pedal power solutions company in Europe.  We focus on no-nonsense, BS-free products for guitar players with a focus on quality, simplicity and results rather than tons of pointless features or gimmicks.

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