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Dave Mustaine Jackson Prototype Auctioned for $11,000

Dave Mustaine Jackson Prototype Auctioned for $11,000 -

A truly avid Megadeth fan has splashed just over $11,000 on a extremely-rare Jackson guitar specifically created for Megadeth head, Dave Mustaine. 

The ultra-rare natural unfinished Jackson prototype Y2KV (J6443) with branded Jackson logo on the headstock was the first guitar with the final 3 + 3 Y2KV with dot inlays, rosewood fingerboard, alternate knobs and a blade switch. The guitar comes with Seymour Duncan JB-TB bridge and JB SH-4 neck pickups and well as a Tune-o-Matic string through body bridge and Schaller tuners.

The guitar was presented to Mustaine on 23rd December 1998 was featured on the cover of Guitar Magazine the following year.

The Jackson was somewhat of a contrast to King V that he was playing throughout the 90's and was used whilst touring 'Risk' (1999) and 'The World Needs a Hero' (2001) albums. Mustaine designed the guitar as his vision of a far less-aggressive retro-looking flying V.



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