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Thin Lizzy Announce New Name and Album Details

Thin Lizzy Announce New Name and Album Details -

Thin Lizzy have confirmed that they are to release music under their new name, Black Star Riders.

Guitarist Scott Gorham explained to Classic Rock their reasons for doing so and why original drummer Brian Downey and keys-man Darren Wharton will no longer be part of the outfit.

The band had been working on new material to release under the Thin Lizzy name, however after a backlash from fans and critics they decided to retire original frontman and bassist Phil Lynott's band name.

Gorham said:

"Thin Lizzy is a partnership between Brian Downey and myself and the estate.

"If the estate had said, 'This is a kick-ass idea,' we would have had to rethink. But because they were feeling uncomfortable about it, that put a full stop to it."

Gorham goes on to explain how it's not the end of Lizzy and when asked why the band's recent UK tour was billed as a farewell, the guitarist said:

"I was so against that. It just looks like you're slamming the last nail into the coffin with that one word.

"It's like we're never going to play again - when all we're doing is resting this whole thing for a while."

The new outfit will continue with former Megadeth and White Lion drummer Jimmy DeGrasso, and work without a keyboardist. The band have composed up to 15 songs and will begin recoding new material in January.


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