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Hendrix Ltd Edition Pedals Unveiled

Jimi Hendrix Ltd Edition Pedals Unveiled -

This past November (2012) marked Jimi Hendrix's 70th birthday, and Jim Dunlop celebrated by releasing the Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute Series. It's made up of the four effects that were crucial to Hendrix's signal chain: Fuzz Face, CryBaby, Octavio and Univibe.

Designed by the MXR team, the Fuzz Face, Octavio and Univibe come in Phase 90 -sized housings with modern upgrades such as true bypass switching, bright LEDs and 9-volt power jacks. The Jimi Hendrix Signature Cry Baby, along with the other three pedals, is adorned with art inspired by John Van Hamersveld's classic poster from Hendrix's 1968 Shrine Auditorium gig.

Fuzz Face

With a Fuzz Face, Hendrix could elicit an endless variety of tones by using different pickup combinations, manipulating his guitar's volume control, and picking at different areas of a string.

SSP £149.99


The Jimi Hendrix™ 70th Anniversary Tribute Series Univibe delivers the classic shimmery, washy tones of vintage Hendrix in all of their stunning analog glory, and at a fraction of the size of the vintage Shin-ei unit that Hendrix used in late '69/'70.

SSP £149.99


porting the exact same circuit found in Jimi's original "cheese wedge" Octavio®, the Jimi Hendrix™ 70th Anniversary Tribute Series Octavio provides the classic "octave up" effect that Hendrix utilized so potently on tracks such as "One Rainy Wish," and "Purple Haze," and its amazingly touch-sensitive response will inspire new and uncharted sonic territory.

SSP £149.99

Tribute Cry Baby

By carefully emulating the throaty midrange and sweet treble response of the original, the 70th Anniversary Tribute Series Cry Baby provides a crucial sonic link to the Hendrix mojo.  Crafted to deliver the same dynamic tonal sweep of Jimi's original Italian-made Thomas Organ unit, with a limited edition gloss black finish.

SSP £182.99


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