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Frank Zappa Fans Offered Unique Opportunity

Frank Zappa Fans Offered Unique Opportunity -

Frank Zappa fans have been offered a unique festive opportunity in which they can licence a 76 minute collection of never-before- released master recordings of Zappa's Roxy performances of December 9th & 10th, 1973, reports Rolling Stone.

For $1000 fans can own a master duplication of 'Roxy by Proxy,' which includes tracks such as 'Inca Roads,' 'Penguin in Bondage,' 'T'Mershi Duween,' 'Dog/Meat,' 'RDNZL,' 'Cheepnis & Dupree's Paradise,' which they can sell for whatever price they wish. The duplication copy will also be include liner notes and packaging artwork.  

Proceeds made from the unprecedented move by Zappa Records, who will take $1.20 per-CD mechanical royalty, will be used to complete The Roxy Performances, which is an unfinished concert film which had been partly released on Zappa's 1974 live record, Roxy and Elsewhere.

According to the Zappa Family Trust:

"You are the ones who want it and you are the ones we need to help us make it happen! This is also a big Thank You to all the fans that are ready willing and able to participate in the ultimate adventure of distributing this record. We are grateful-and we are hopeful that you will show us how to do it better than it has ever been done before."

For anyone looking to take up the opportunity you have until now (19th) and 28th December to licence a copy of 'Roxy by Proxy.'




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