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AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix Now Available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (1)

AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix Now Available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad -

Using authentic Hendrix gear and cutting-edge modelling technology, AmpliTube bring to you another signature sound of a rock legend right from your mobile device. Introducing AmpliTube® Jimi Hendrix™ apps for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

Now you can have a multi-FX processor and recording studio right on your iPhone or iPad that gives you instant access to incredibly accurate digital models of Hendrix's gear which includes two historically accurate amp models: JH Gold (model based on Marshall® JTM 45) and JH Dual (model based on a Fender™ Dual Showman). Plus five killer effects: Uni-V (model based on Univox™ Uni-Vibe), Octa-V (model based on the Roger Mayer™ Octavia), Fuzz Age (model based on the Arbiter® Fuzz Face®), Noise Filter (from AmpliTube), and Wah 46 (model based on the Vox™ V846 wah, and unlocked after registration).

The presets for the apps are in Hendrix Discography format, making it easy to dial up a guitar tone to match a particular song. With a guitar plugged into your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad through an interface like IK's iRig or iRig STOMP, you can rock out through spot-on emulations of the gear that Hendrix used on his signature songs.


  • Real-time guitar mobile multiFX + recording app with Jimi Hendrix tone
  • Full rig with 4 simultaneous stompboxes + amp with effects + cabinet
  • 11 Jimi Hendrix™ gear models: 5 Stompboxes (Noise Filter, Fuzz Age, Octa-V, Uni-V, Wah 46) 2 Amplifiers (JH Gold, JH Dual) 2 cabinets (2x15"J, 4x12"J) and 2 Microphones
  • Complete Jimi Hendrix™ Discography Presets
  • Jimi Hendrix™ song links directly within the app for play-along
  • Single-track recorder expandable to 8-track studio with master effects (via in-app purchase)
  • Import and play songs as backing tracks from your iPod library or computer
  • Export via E-mail, SoundCloud, FTP or File Sharing
  • Audio Copy/Paste - Slow down/speed up the tempo of imported songs without affecting pitch
  • NO VOICE feature removes the lead vocal or guitar solo from imported songs
  • Powerful preset system to manage presets and favorites
  • Tuner/metronome
  • Digital audio in/out
  • MIDI controllable (available as in-app purchase and free for iRig MIDI users)
  • Low-latency for real time playing
  • Pricing and Availability

AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™ for iPhone/iPod touch and AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™ for iPad are available on the App Store for $14.99 / €13.99.

Owners of AmpliTube can obtain the Hendrix models through in-app purchase after updating to the latest version.


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Peter Green / Ivar Bjørnson

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